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About Dan Markin


Dan Markin represents the next generation and evolution in thought leadership.”

Marc Bruno-Harvard Business School

Dan Markin is creating breakthrough results for individuals and organizations.

His innovative and practical motivational techniques and strategies, coined ‘Introspective Leadership’, have consistently allowed clients to enjoy breakthrough results – often beyond what they ever imagined possible.

The cornerstone of Introspective Leadership is identifying and segregating the mental barriers that bind us to a vicious circle of self-sabotage, unfocused, and ‘small-thinking’ behaviors.

Once isolated, specific and directed behavioral-change techniques are used to mitigate these mental road-blocks and establish a new, often unrecognizable capacity to make quick, smart, and powerful decisions.

Dan has over twenty years of corporate executive experience. He has held senior level positions with profit-and-loss responsibility and has received numerous financial, leadership, and management awards. Dan’s formal education focused on Psychology and Communications.

His first book, The Power of How™, is available at Amazon.

An ‘Introspective Leadership’ personal workbook is under development.

Contact Dan about keynote speaking and executive coaching.


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