Executive Coaching


If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.”

Lao Tzu


Everyone wants to be better

A better employee or manager

A better partner

A better person

Whatever drives you to action there are three principles that govern your likelihood of success.

  • Achievement is more about effort than talent
  • Everyone can improve their skills
  • The highest achievers usually have the best coaches


What We Promise

Dan Markin’s direct and effective executive coaching quickly reveals  the mental hurdles – perceptions, habits, and “self-talk” – that can sabotage achievement.

By earnestly exploring our communication patterns, in both our “self-talk” and interaction with others, and addressing inhibitive  barriers head on, Dan has consistently provided clients with the  practical skills necessary to improve focus, discipline, and self-expression.

The coaching process starts with you clarifying the skills that you want to improve. Examples of these skills include:

  • Fostering trust in new relationships.
    (And restoring trust in damaged ones.)
  • Displaying confidence despite fears and doubts.
    (Controlling how others perceive your leadership skills.)
  • Adopting behaviors of top-performers
    (understanding how to effectively achieve results.)
  • Deciding what’s really important?
    (Learning to prioritize and manage time. Creating realistic expectations around work-life balance.)