Leadership Training


Dan conducts his own brand of customized leadership training for specialized groups within an organization.


During training, participants will:

  • Identify - Discover the individual perceptions that limit success
  • Focus - Isolate the practical aspects of core leadership characteristics
  • Execute - Build pragmatic measurable goals and objectives

Dan’s workshops align with annual operational plans and performance evaluations.  This unification of goals and measurable results produces better organizational outcomes and return on investment (ROI).


Training is customized to the group’s needs.

How Leadership™ Training for Individuals & Teams


dsfHow Leadership™ is based on the cornerstone concept that only perceptional change can result in significant, permanent, improvement in results.


When leaders mandate new policies or approaches that require changes in behavior without addressing the underlying perceptions and attitudes of coworkers, changes usually fail to improve outcomes.


Accurate perception is the foundation of realistic, measurable progress. Positive progress and continued success occur when enhanced perception leads to the creation of clear, measurable goals and objectives.

Workshops for teams address the eight core attributes: Teams build work plans that include measurable, quantifiable goals and objectives.  The active participation of each team member in developing the “plan” ensures personal accountability and ownership. 


As a result, teams become focused and share a common vision that can achieve success. Good teams become great teams.


Your organization can achieve meaningful, sustainable success through the How Leadership™ approach.


Our ROI Promise

Dan recognizes that you and your employees want to see results, not just theories.


Through active group participation, trainees learn to identify perceptions that can inhibit creativity and generate fear of change. They envision and articulate goals. Then with goals in mind, they foster discrete, measureable, time-specific objectives.


Dan’s emphasis on trainee introspection and individual responsibility for creating and meeting specific goals encourages both “buy-in” and personal accountability.

At the conclusion of training and at intervals post-training, participants report increases in:

Clarity:  the ability to isolate and mitigate negative perceptions that limit creativity and success

Focus: a fresh, powerful perspective on core leadership characteristics

Purposeful Planning:   Envisioning goals and the measurable steps required to achieve them.

Confidence:  Trust that accurate perceptions and goal-setting skills can be applied to any workplace challenge


With How Leadership™ training, your organization will “grow” leaders. 


Trainees return to the workplace and exhibit purposeful, planned progress toward specific goals.  Their vision imbues coworkers with a similar sense of purpose and expectation of success. 


Attainment of measurable objectives grows confidence. Future-driven planning and collaborative goal-setting propels individual and organizational growth and success.  

The framework for How Leadership™ emphasizes eight core attributes:


  • Change
  • Motivation
  • Setback
  • Perspective
  • Strengths
  • Courage
  • Vision
  • Environment


When leaders and coworkers understand these concepts and accept responsibility for the setting and fulfillment of clear, measurable goals, synchronicity of vision follows.