The purpose of a storyteller is not to tell you how to think, but to give you questions to think upon.”

Brandon Sanderson, The Way of Kings


Dan Markin is a recognized and accomplished public speaker whose keynotes demystify the behaviors and traits of the most effective leaders. Participants often report a strong desire to bring about permanent, positive change in their lives.

Sample keynote topics follow below.

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The Power of How™


For Individuals

The Power of How keynote presents concrete and inspiring examples of the leadership concepts described in Dan’s book, “The Power of How.”


Focusing on the attributes of “How” Leadership, Dan illustrates a substantive plan for identifying, then strategically mitigating, the perceptions and thinking that impede success.


Dan also details goal-setting and decision-making outlines with emphasis on measurable, time-limited objectives. The methods that Dan promotes are highly effective and “do-able.”


Participants report better understanding of what drives change, and enthusiasm for a new, measurable method of achieving goals.

For Organizations

Why do some teams succeed when others fail?


In this expanded version of the “The Power of How” keynote Dan reveals and evaluates the winning skills of America’s most successful organizational teams.


Participants leave with a clearer understanding of the perceptions and planning necessary for breakthrough organizational success.

Introspective Leadership™

This session is filled with powerful examples of self-discovery and tools for personal transformation. This is a “no excuses” keynote, compelling listeners to assume full responsibility for their perceptions, behavior, and willingness to change.


Dan details a roadmap for successful projects, emphasizing clear goals and measurable objectives. The focus is creating strategies to ensure positive outcomes.


Custom Keynotes

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