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The Power of How (Book)


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The Power of How is an inspirational story of a chance meeting that will help you discover that we are all capable of achieving greatness.


A compilation of stories from world leaders and ordinary people that understand that leading through “The Power of How” will enable us to find the fortitude and resolve to accomplish life’s greatest goals.


The Power of How provides insights and perspectives on how to not be detoured by the fear of failure, but motivated the excitement of success.


“This is an outstanding book for anyone looking to energize themselves or their team. We all have the ability to tackle our lives with a positive attitude by using "The Power of How" to get the best out of ourselves. We will be recomending The Power of How in our "Top 10 on Amazon" list under our Inspirational-Motivational category.”

- The Michigan Book Review

“Finally!! A book that has helped me discover how to accomplish my goals without telling me all the things I need to change about myself. Rather this book helped me discover the greatness that I have within myself already and how to uses these qualities to accomplish even greater things. I can't say enough about this book! Inspirational, Motivational and an overall great book for business and life!”

- Ann Scheumeister


“This book was a very insprirational read. It makes the reader stop and think about what is important in our lives and to take a step back and enjoy it. I am sharing with some work associates and I strongly recommend this book for any one who wants to be inspired.”