The Power of How


Dan Markin's How Leadership™ explores and develops the critical interconnection between perception (and preconceived notion), thought, and action.


Most people try to change behavior through sheer will-power instead of identifying and changing the underpinning thoughts that precipitated their original, counterproductive, behaviors. Once established these ineffective actions produce poor results that can create the damaging fear of change undermining confidence, vision, and creativity.


In the workplace these mental hurdles quickly manifest into an enemy of engagement causing frustration, lack of focus, avoidance of responsibility and accountability, and ultimately the loss of time and money.


Emphasis on the “How” approach can reverse this direction, generating leaders and teams that produce mindful, purposeful and measurable achievement of goals.


The “How” methodology embraces eight core attributes that most “natural leaders” exhibit:

  • Change
  • Motivation
  • Setback
  • Perspective
  • Strengths
  • Courage
  • Vision
  • Environment


These skills are not innate. Indeed, leaders are made, not born. And regardless of one's past and personality, new skills can be learned and imparted throughout an organization.


Once these attributes are consistently adopted, leaders and teams can effectively establish realistic, measurable, goals instituting a linear, reliable, formula for their fulfillment.


Success in reaching objectives and milestones builds self-confidence, organizational-confidence in turn, and increases capacity to face new and more complex challenges.